Docu Centre II 2055

Docu Centre II 2055

Speed : 28 ppm.

Memory Sistem : 256MB Hardisk 40 GB.

Copy / Print Resolution : 1.200 x 1.200 dpi

Output Paper size : min A5 , max A3

DADF : maksimal 75 sheet

DADF speed 55 ipm

BW Scaner:  Maxs 600×600 dpi

Scan destinations : Scan to Folder, PC


DocuCentre-II 3005 / 2055 / 2005
Copier Type Console Type
Scan Resolution 600 x 600dpi (23.6 x 23.6 dots/mm)
Output Resolution 600 x 600dpi (23.6 x 23.6 dots/mm)
Gradation 256 levels of gray
Warm-up Time 15 seconds or less (DC configuration)
21 seconds or less (CP configuration) *1
24 seconds or less (CF, CFP configuration) *1
(Environment) Temperature: 20 deg C, Humidity: 55%, Voltage: 110V/220V,    Standard CP/CF/CFP configuration, without HDD

*1 Conditions: Achieved only when IP address is set up at the device and    identified on the network.

Original Size Maximum: 297x432mm (A3, 11×17″) for both sheets and bound documents
Copy Paper Size Tray 1-4]
Maximum: [Standard size] A3 (297x420mm), 11 x 17″ (279x432mm), [Non-standard size] 297 x 432mm
Minimum: [Standard size] A5 (148x210mm), [Non-standard size] 139.7 x 182mm
[Tandem Tray]
Maximum: A4LEF
Minimum: 8.5 x 11″LEF
[Bypass Tray]
Maximum: [Standard] A3 (297x420mm), 11 x 17″ (279x432mm), [Non-standard size] 297 x 432mm
Minimum: Postcard (100x148mm), Envelope (120x235mm), [Non-standard size] 89.0 x 98.4mm
Image Loss: Lead Edge within 4mm, Trail Edge within 4mm, Right & Left Edges within 4mm
Paper Weight*2 Tray 1: 60 to 105gsm, Tray 2-4: 60 to 216gsm, Bypass Tray: 60 to 216gsm, Tandem Tray: 60 to 216gsm,
FCOT *3 4.3 seconds or less (A4LEF from Tray1) Conditions: platen copy, power ON, Fuser ready, ROS ready, A4LEF from Tray1, 80gsm premier or business paper
Copy Magnification <100%> 1:1±0.7%
<<span>Preset> 1:0.500, 1:0.707, 1:0.816, 1:0.866, 1:1.154, 1:1.225, 1:1.414
<<span>Variable> 1:0.25 to 1:4.00 (1% increments)

*1: It is recommended to use papers recommended by Fuji Xerox. Depending on the type of paper used and the      operating environment, paper may not be fed into the machine properly or print quality may be negatively      affected.
*2: Same magnification, from the paper Tray 1, single sided, and output to the center tray. The values may very      depending on the machine configuration.

Copy Speed
(Simplex Copying)*4
A4LEF, 8.5×11″ LEF, B5LEF, etc. 23/28/33cpm
A4SEF, 8.5×11″SEF 18/22cpm
B5SEF 14/17/17cpm
B4SEF, 8.5×13″SEF, 8.5×14″SEF 15/18/20cpm
A3SEF, 11×17″SEF 13/15/17cpm
Paper Source /
Paper Capacity*5
500 sheets x 2 Trays + Bypass Tray 95 sheets
2TM: 500 sheets x 2 Trays
TTM: 2,000 sheets (800 + 1,200 sheets)
Maximum Paper Capacity: 3,095 sheets
Maximum Continuous
Copy Volume
999 sheets
Power Source English OpCos/FXK: AC 240V +10% ~ 220V -10%, 8A , 50/60Hz +/- 3Hz
TFX: AC110V+6% ~ 110V-10%, 12A, 50/60 +/- 3Hz
Maximum Power Consumption*6 220V: 2.2KW or less, 240V: 1.92KW or less, 110V: 1.60KW or less
220V: 2.2W (DC model), 3.0W (CF model), 6.2W (CP model), 7.0W (CFP model)
Sleep Mode*7 240V: 2.4W (DC model), 3.0W (CF model), 6.2W (CP model), 7.0W (CFP model)
110V: 1.6W (DC model), 2.1W (CF model), 3.8W (CP model), 4.4W (CFP)
Dimensions 640 (W) x 649 (D) x 751 (H) mm (w/Platen Cover)
640 (W) x 649 (D) x 832 (H) mm (w/DADF)
640 (W) x 649 (D) x 1,112 (H) mm (w/DADF + Tray Module)
Weight DC Platen model: 60kg
CP model: 72.8kg (DC Platen 60kg + DADF 9kg + Duplex Kit 1.8kg + Exit 2 Tray 2kg)
Installation Space (W x D) 1,340 x 1,185mm (when the bypass tray is extended to the maximum)

*3: The performance may be reduced depending on the paper type and tray.
*4: When using Xerox “Business Paper” (80gsm).
*5: Power consumption is specified assuming full configuration of: IOT with Bypass Tray + Duplex Kit + 2 Tray Module or Tandem Tray Module + B-Finisher + DADF + IIT + Controller with UI
*6: The Low Power Mode / Sleep Mode are in accordance with the International Energy Star Programme measurements.

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